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The Team

Who We Are

Korhan Akaydın

Founder & CEO

Korhan got education in the fields of business administration, economics and international finance both in Turkey & The UK. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant. Korhan also has a lot of hands-on experience about early stage tech startups globally.

His consultancy knowledge and experience include; International Business Investments & Joint Ventures, Venture Capital Investment Management, Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions.

Primary Investment Fields: AI based Tech Startups, FinTech, Software Development Projects, Real Estate Property Development & Investments

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Ahmet Ata Ertuğrul


Ahmet Ata Ertuğrul, an accomplished professional with a rich academic and corporate background, holds degrees in computer engineering from both Turkey and the United States. He joined AT&T, where he served as a distinguished consultant for an extensive period. Upon returning to Turkey, Mr. Ertuğrul transitioned into academia, taking on the role of an esteemed lecturer while simultaneously assuming high-level executive positions and serving as a board member for multiple prestigious companies.


Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Ertuğrul has consistently demonstrated his exceptional expertise in software development and technological transformations. His contributions to the fields of computer science and engineering have left an indelible mark, making him a sought-after consultant and advisor in the industry. Mr. Ertuğrul's passion for innovation and dedication to excellence continue to inspire and drive technological advancements.

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Nursel Azaklı

Business Development and Project Manager

Passionately immersed in the dynamic realm of early-stage technology startups, she is delighted to assume the role of Business Development & Project Manager. Her unwavering commitment to driving growth and success fuels her mission to propel these enterprises forward. Armed with a wealth of expertise in forging strategic partnerships, executing projects with precision, and an unyielding dedication to achieving concrete results, she is wholeheartedly devoted to expediting their progress and facilitating rapid expansion.

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