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Being an investment management company that makes a difference with its agile and flexible structure and its visionary approach based on knowledge, New Era Capital offers value-added and solution-oriented services to all individuals and institutions that want to make global investments, thanks to its solid relations, access to international investment networks, business partnerships in Europe, England and America
New Era Capital opens the doors of a strong and sustainable future to global investors from different sectors and its subsidiaries, with which it has a partnership, with its data-based forecasts, holistic approach, advanced measurement tools and financial analysis systems. Our institution has adopted the ability to respond to all needs that may arise from start to groth as a principle so that its partners, consisting of entrepreneurs or investors, can achieve the most efficient business results.
Creating an incubation center for start-ups and early stage technology startups as a core capital provider, New Era Capital upgrades its equipment with accelerating programs and thus aims to achieve sustainable structures.

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Additionally, it provides international consultancy services in the fields of finance and investment with its services diversified on the basis of Strategic Investment Analysis, Feasibility Plans, Budget Planning and Commercialization Consultancy. New Era Capital makes high-potential investments within its own structure with the power it receives from its staff of investors and experts with global experience, thus creating great opportunities for other investors. It also helps related institutions to become stronger in their sectors with the simultaneous investment management consultancy it provides.
In this period when the world is rapidly transforming and some rules have been radically changed and rewritten, New Era Capital has updated, renewed and strengthened all its investment and management strategies by conducting detailed research and analysis on each ecosystem, sector, market, demand chain and supply network. As well as being able to get diversified high-value services from New Era Capital within the scope of investment analysis, feasibility plans, budget planning and commercialization consultancy, you can also be a partner in the strong future we have created by investing in the affiliates of our institution.

Our Vision That Shapes Today

To become the most reliable address of all start-ups with our expert team, who wholeheartedly believes in the quote "The transformation that will create a decent world will begin with the first brave step of a responsible entrepreneur". To make our mark in the investment world as the brave and visionary architect of giant collaborations that raise societies with their productions.

Our Mission That Comes With Our Expertise

To ensure that new companies that are established with ideas that will shape the future and that will create value are built on solid foundations and to guide their sustainability goals.

To structure and facilitate the journey of our investors to become the “most preferred company”, with the power we derive from our competent staff, our dynamic and flexible structure, and our global partnerships.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

We Believe in Teamwork for Sustainable Success

We Claim Tough Choices with Our Well-Deserved Confidence

We Build Agile Structures Adhering to Ethical Standards

We Aim for Performance Leadership Inside and Outside

We Target Excellence, Never Settle for Less

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